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RAINOUT #'s - Call AFTER 3 PM to see if the fields are playable during bad weather:

Bellingham/Geri Fields = 360-778-7055

Ferndale Fields = 360-380-7462

Thursday May 19th- All Games on Ferndale 3 and 4 are canceled and will be rescheduled.



So...there should be no confusion...but it appears there is.  Here's the deal:


Your balls need ASA stamps.  All of them.  The good news....this years balls are HOT!


Bats...make sure they have ASA Stamps.  It's that simple.


ASA BATS...ASA Balls...any questions?


balls are available at PROSTOCK

If you don't have any balls...nows the time to pick them up

THE balls are available for pick up @ prostock athletic ( 110 N Samish Way, Bellingham, WA 98225).


This season, each team receives 2dozen balls.  only asa balls are approved for league use.

First half schedule

See the league documents page and captains check your email for the first half schedule for Divisions 1-3(A,B,C).


About Your Organization

The Bellingham Mens Slow Pitch League is dedicated to offering a wide variety of competitive softball opportunities within Whatcom County.  With over 50 teams across 4 divisions, our organization strives to be the top choice for softball teams in the "TOP LEFT" corner of the state.


Stay tuned to our new site for league and tournament opportunities INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Whatcom County.

Bellingham Mens Slow Pitch Association
110 N. Samish Way
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 820-3206