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RAINOUT #'s - Call AFTER 3 PM to see if the fields are playable during bad weather:

Bellingham/Geri Fields = 360-778-7055

Ferndale Fields = 360-380-7462

REPORTING SCORES- WINNING TEAMS MUST REPORT SCORES BY SATURDAY AM. No guarantee of reminders. No score reported = a tie for both teams. This will affect end of season rankings and seedings.

Division 1, 2, & 3 Tournaments

Check out the league document page for the Division 1, 2 and 3 year end tournament schedules and brackets..


Ejections? Are they really worth it?

Ejections?  Are they really worth it?

New rules for ejections moving forward...

This season has - for the most part-gone off without a hitch.  But recently there has been a large # of ejections.  The reasons are many, but mostly for arguing with umpires.  And I've had my fair share of "discussions" with umpires.  I've even thrown a tantrum or 2, but I've never been thrown out. Maybe I should try harder?

Ironically enough, I was just watching DR PHIL the other night (show was titled "STAR SOTFBALL PLAYER HAS A SERIOUS EJECTION PROBLEM) and the subject of being ejected from softball games came up. DR. PHIL asked a profound question: "HOW'S THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU?"


Moving forward we have little choice than to increase penalties for ejections, so here is what the future holds (i.e. TODAY FORWARD). 


If you are ejected from a game, you are done for the rest of the night.  Which means if you are ejected from your first game...you don't play in the second.  In addition, the league will look into your ejection and you will have a MINIMUM 2 game suspension depending on the FREQUENCY and SEVERITY of the reason you were ejected.  So...if you have 2 games tonight, you are ejected from the first game, you will not be permitted to play in the second, and AT MINIMUM, you will be suspended from your next game as well.


IF you are ejected due to ANY physical altercation, you will be SUSPENDED FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.  A full investigation will be done.


So, quick overview.  If you are ejected, here's what you can expect:


  1. MINIMUM 2 game suspension - regardless of the reason.  If it's going to be more than 2 games, we will let you know ASAP so your team can plan accordingly
  2. Ejected for Physical Altercation?  Done for the year.


We are all here to have fun.  So, let's keep it that way.  I'm working to get INSTANT REPLAY instituted for next year, but it's not looking promising due to budgeting constraints.  Until then, let's treat everyone with respect and have fun.



Bat Rule?

These are the illegal bats for the 2015 season
These are the illegal bats for the 2015 season

I got your stinkin bat rule

There's been a lot of questions regarding the leagues bat rule...and for good reason.  During the week 1 games I saw...WITH MY VERY OWN EYES several balls clear the fences.  Which brings up this question?  Do we need to start testing for HGH?


I said NO!  So, before we start doing that....let's check the bats.


Our rules are real simple....BRING a bat and use it...unless it's on this PICTURE!


Also....Seniors can use SENIOR league bats under the following circumstances:

1- They show the umpire BEFORE THE GAME the actual bat that will be used.  

2-Anyone on the team that is NOT a senior cannot use the bat.  IF they do, then umpires will treat it as an illegal bat.

3-The opposing team also needs to be informed that the seniors will be using a senior bat.  


So....with that out of the way...Are there any questions?


About Your Organization

The Bellingham Mens Slow Pitch League is dedicated to offering a wide variety of competitive softball opportunities within Whatcom County.  With over 50 teams across 4 divisions, our organization strives to be the top choice for softball teams in the "TOP LEFT" corner of the state.


Stay tuned to our new site for league and tournament opportunities INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Whatcom County.

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