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RAINOUT #'s - Call AFTER 3 PM to see if the fields are playable during bad weather:

Bellingham/Geri Fields = 360-778-7055

Ferndale Fields = 360-380-7462


Bat Rule?

These are the illegal bats for the 2015 season
These are the illegal bats for the 2015 season

I got your stinkin bat rule

There's been a lot of questions regarding the leagues bat rule...and for good reason.  During the week 1 games I saw...WITH MY VERY OWN EYES several balls clear the fences.  Which brings up this question?  Do we need to start testing for HGH?


I said NO!  So, before we start doing that....let's check the bats.


Our rules are real simple....BRING a bat and use it...unless it's on this PICTURE!


Also....Seniors can use SENIOR league bats under the following circumstances:

1- They show the umpire BEFORE THE GAME the actual bat that will be used.  

2-Anyone on the team that is NOT a senior cannot use the bat.  IF they do, then umpires will treat it as an illegal bat.

3-The opposing team also needs to be informed that the seniors will be using a senior bat.  


So....with that out of the way...Are there any questions?



No one sense me pics...so  I'm forced to post this guy
No one sense me pics...so I'm forced to post this guy

It's actually pretty easy.

With our new revamped (and less expensive) website comes some cool new ways to do things.  So HOW WILL THE STANDINGS work this year?


It's pretty simple....and similar to soccer:

You win...you earn 2 ranking points.

Tie earns you 1

Loss = 0

Forfeit = -1 (so show up to your games)


More wins = More ranking points.


From there, the tie breaker is the winning %  So...if you have 4 points from 2 wins....but you have played 4 games and are 2-2...you'll be ranked behind someone who has 4 points from 2 wins and 1 loss b/c their WIN % is higher.


IF your ranking points AND Win % is the same...then we go to the new metric POWER INDEX.


To calculate Power Index, we take the RANKING POINTS of all the opponenets you have beaten and add them up.  AND...if the opponents you have beaten earn more points through the year, then your ranking points go up.


Essentially it goes like this.....WIN AGAINST BETTER TEAMS...earn more PI points.


What are we using all this data for?  WHO KNOWS?  But mostly to help us make the 2nd half of the season MORE COMPETITIVE.


SO have fun, win some games, and don't sweat the small stuff.  We'll have more thank just a WIN LOSS record and some tribal knowledge to go by when reassigning teams the second 1/2 of the season.


It's been a great week to start the season...so let's all keep having fun!!


Looking for some extra income?? Become an UMPIRE!!

Seriously...it's easy $$

If you are interested in a way to make a little extra $$ this summer, it's not too late to get trained and become an ASA umpire.  Are you someone that likes to hang out around the softball fields when your team isn't playing...why not make some $$ doing it?


Our league pays $25 per game.  I can only imagine how fun it must be to umpire a game watching grown men argue about things that really don't matter AND get paid in the process.  Seems like a no-brainer.


If you are interested in learning more, contact ALAN MOORE @ akmoore2009@gmail.com


Alan can get you in contact with the appropriate folks.




About Your Organization

The Bellingham Mens Slow Pitch League is dedicated to offering a wide variety of competitive softball opportunities within Whatcom County.  With over 50 teams across 4 divisions, our organization strives to be the top choice for softball teams in the "TOP LEFT" corner of the state.


Stay tuned to our new site for league and tournament opportunities INSIDE and OUTSIDE of Whatcom County.

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